Contact Improvisation Workshop

Solo Dance, Flying and Falling

05.05. - 07.05.2017

Contact Improvisation is a spontaneous fluid dance form.

A dance will take its form, shape and flow by exploring the various ways of movement and possible encounters in that present moment.

Contact Improvisation offers a frame to enjoy mindful and playful movement.


How do I shape transitions, the ending or the beginning of a duet?
The exploration of the Solo Dance widens the perception for body and space.
Caring about Solo Dance offers movement options and helps to not fall into a gap inbetween dances with others.

...and from solo dance back into contact?
Often we guess that other dancers approach us slowly, carefully and softly the duet starts and the speed might increases later on. What if somebody after a short eye contact simply jumps on me? Am I ready to face this impact, do I go against it, or maybe I just take a step aside?
As a second part of the workshop we want to work with jumps and lifts. Testing limits in a playful and investigative way.

Contact dance skills are welcome but not mandatory.

We teach in English and/or German.



Jo Bruhn

is a performer, dancer and fire spinner.

Based in Berlin, he trained for many years as a partner acrobat. Of late, his focus has

increasingly shifted into Contact Improvisation and contemporary dance practices.

Education at the „Academy for Mime“ with Anita Steiner, Gian Andrea Scarello.

Since 2002, he has performed fire shows and walking-acts with the ensemble „mosaique“.

He studied New Dance with Anna Garms, Dance

Vision Institute, and he was part of Dance Intensive at Tanzfabrik Berlin.

He has trained extensively with Nancy Stark Smith, Mike Vargas, Andrew Harwood, Daniel

Lepkoff, Jörg Hassmann, among many others.


Jennie Zimmermann

explores Contact Improvisation since 2005.

She loves to play with the unpredictable and concentrates in her work on mindfulness an the sensuality of movement and the balance between individuality and group dynamics.

She lives in Berlin and connects somatic work, performance, music and fire arts.
At present she is part of Laban / Bartenieff Movement Studies Program at Eurolab, Berlin.

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Friday, 05.05.

from 5pm: arrival and dinner

8pm workshop


Saturday, 06.05.

morning and afternoon workshop

evening: Jam / Bodywork...


Sunday, 07.05.

morning workshop

lunch and departure

Steigemühle 1
04936 Schlieben


How to get there:

By car from Berlin, Leipzig or Dresden it takes around 1,5 hours.

The next train station is Herzberg (Elster – not Harz!!) and from there you can cycle 15km.

Unfortunately the bus connections are not so easy to handle - so if you arrive in groups we can pick you up from the train station by car.


a cook will provide vegetarian, biological food - everybody will be helping out with breakfast, cutting veggies, cleaning up...



You are welcome to bring your own tent and sleeping bag for camping.

If you like to sleep in a dormitory in the house, it´s 10€ per night extra, please bring own bedsheets then.


150-130€ as you like, that includes food, accomodation and workshop.

(70€ food and accomodation, 80-60€ workshop fee)

Sleeping in the dorm is 10€ extra per night.


jo (at)
0163 6873225

jennie (at)
0176 20568038